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The Spring 2021 issue of First & Fastest includes:

Metra 2020: My Metra, Major Construction Projects
and New Car Procurement

Edited by Norman Carlson.
Photos by Mark Llanuza unless otherwise noted

The Way to the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893
Original article from the Richard F. Begley Collection.
Images from the Bruce G. Moffat Collection, except as noted.
Edited by Norman Carlson with the assistance of Walter R. Keevil

Illinois Terminal Railroad System in Peoria 1930–1950
by Norman Carlson.
All photos by William C. Janssen and Robert V. Mehlenbeck
except as noted. Maps prepared by Dennis McClendon with the
assistance of Dale Jenkins, President, Illinois Traction Society

Northwestern Elevated 24 Comes Full Circle
by Bruce G. Moffat

RPM Project Meets Challenges and Milestones
by Shore Line Staff

Insull's Smaller Empire
conducted by Eric Bronsky


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Winter 2021 December 21, 2021




  First & Fastest, Spring 2021  
  Cover: The new Metra passenger car to be built by Alstom. Rendering courtesy of Alstom and Metra.
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