All-Time Chicago Streetcar Photos Index

The complete index to Chicago streetcar photos which have appeared in First & Fastest has been updated and now includes photos published from the first issue in 1984 through the issue of Spring 2018. Additionally, photos published in Dispatch 6: Chicago Surface Lines: The Big 5 Routes and 5 Others and in Dispatch 8: Chicago Surface Lines: Linking Chicago’s Neighborhoods are now included in the index. Our sincere thanks to Shore Line Controller Richard F. Begley for his time and skill in developing this index.

Chicago streetcar pictures have appeared in 101 of the 132 issues published during this period. The Index should asssist researchers and authors in their ongoing efforts involving the Chicago streetcar system, especially during the years of operation by the Chicago Surface Lines (1914-1947) and the Chicago Transit Authority (1947-1958).

The Index is available in Excel spreadsheet format and as a portable data file (PDF). The Excel version can be sorted to meet the varying needs of users. For more complete information on the Index, please refer to Tab 1-A Guide in the Index.

Download the Chicago Streetcar Photos Index and Guide (Excel format)
Download the Chicago Streetcar Photos Index (PDF format)
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In addition, Shore Line offers the First & Fastest Master Index, covering issues from 1984 to 2017.


  Multiple unit car 3214  
  Eastbound CSL Robertson 2770 on the 79th Street line is crossing the south leg of Exchange Avenue on June 18, 1947. The streetcar has completed about 6.5 miles of its run from Western and will soon cross the IC's South Chicago Branch tracks.—Robert W. Gibson photo, W.R. Keevil Archive
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